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I am a clinical psychologist

I graduated in 2010 with honors in Psychology and later on I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2015 in the field of psychoncology, working with clients as well as dedicating my time to academic activities (research and teaching). I am mainly using evidence-based methods in my practice. I am a certified EMDR therapist.

Before coming to Italy, I have studied and worked in different countries, from the USA to South Africa and Poland. Traveling around the world has given me the opportunity to meet people with different cultures, languages and traditions. Being an expat myself I have noticed how many problems one encounters while living away from home. So I have decided to dedicate my work to people who came to Italy and who struggle to make this country their new home.

I work with adults who are facing various life problems, who are in crisis or encounter difficulties in interpersonal relationships. I work with people who want to live a full life, who want to feel better, who want to live here and now, and who want to develop their potentials and resources.

I constantly try to improve and develop my professional skills, taking part in advanced trainings as well as in national and international scientific conferences, submitting my work to regular supervision.


If you are facing significant restrictions on account of the Covid-19 pandemic, if this new and unexpected situation has any impact on your family life, on your relationships,  on your capacity to work, you can contact me and book an online session. We can create together a safe and confidential virtual space.


Individual session
(50 min.)


Online session through Skype or WhatsApp
(50 min.)


Group session
for couples and family
(90 min.)


Relaxation session
(60 min.)

I can help you if...


  • … you are an expat and you are experiencing some difficulties living in Italy
  • … you feel sad
  • … you are afraid and you don’t know why
  • … you were traumatised
  • … you are facing a stressful situation
  • … you are experiencing difficulties at work
  • … you had a difficult childhood
  • … you have issues with self-understanding
  • … you have a complex relation with your partner/family/friends
  • … you can’t settle in a new city or country
  • … you are suffering from a chronic disease
  • … you are fighting cancer
  • … you are in a crisis (car accident, separation, divorce, loss of job, serious illness, mourning, retirement, immigration)
  • … you are pregnant and you are concerned about motherhood
  • … you want to work on self-esteem, self-efficacy and personal resources

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